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  • Call Manager 7.5, Server 5

    Is there anyway to use the v7.5 Call Manager against a Server v5? We are looking to do an upgrade in the next 2-3 months but would like to be able to run the new Call Manager on some Vista machines before the upgrade.

    As of right now, the Call Manager installs and lets me log in with a user, sees the extension, lets me search for people/numbers, but can't dial the call.

    Is there a way around this or does the server have to be upgraded for this to work?

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    There is no way to run an newer release client against an older release server or vice versa. The client and server releases (5.0, 6.1, etc) must be the same. You can run an older build of the client against the server within the same release, but that's it.

    BTW, you can't upgrade directly from 5.x to 7.5 - you need to get to 6.1 on the server before upgrading the 7.5.