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  • Standard Mode - No Ringing - New VM Appears

    Shoretel 7.5 (Build Build 12.15.8200.0)

    I'm a new SCE and the admin for my company's site. Multiple users (these are those that have reported - could be any of our users) report that they will receive a VM without their phone ringing, despite the fact that their phone was free, in the correct call-handling mode, and they were sitting next to it. We have had an issue going on for a while and while these are power-users, we have double-checked into all possible simple causes (wrong call handling mode, it was a forwarded vm, ringer turned down, etc.). They do not share a switch (connectivity or Shoretel), and the ones that I am working with right now are non-domain users so they have an IP Phone, but no PCM. I need some help with what I can track from the IP Phone and our switches to determine exactly why it is that when a call comes in the IP Phone is somehow not available to take it and thus ring to alert the user.

    Anyone else experience this or better yet, have a fix? :wacko:

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    You have double checked in shoreware director individual user --personal options and examined the call handling modes to ensure that the standard mode is set on No/answer busy and the number of rings is set to something like 3?


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      You should also verify that it isn't another User that is recording the message and sending it directly to the mailbox.