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  • Agent Login/Logout in one button?

    Is it possible to have the Agent login and agent logout on the same button as a toggle? I don't understand why there are different options since I only have 3 buttons on my agent's phones I can use! (230s) I would like to do this without necessarily having to deploy the call manager software.

    It would be great if the soft keys along the bottom of the screen could be used, but I guess that's out of the question.

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    Nothing is out of the question with a custom, but it probably would not be practical to use the softkeys from the amount of programming and hardware involved.

    Making a log in/log out button on the other hand should not be too hard, but I don't think Shoretel supports it natively. If this is really important to you, we can do a small custom that can enable this, or perhaps someone else can tell you how to do this natively.


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      I know in Shoretel 8, you can set one button to Agent Login and another to Agent Logout, but you can't do both on the same button.

      Of course, with a little training, you could have them (on the phone) goto options |PASSWORD| option 5 and login and out. No call manager needed. (yes, I takes a few steps, but at least the option is there.)



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        Thanks for the replies. It just seems ridiculous that there isn’t a toggle button option. I see that the soft keys have a wrapup key, so I’m dumbfounded why there isn’t a login/logout key. For example, we will never use the pickup/unpark features, so they are wasted keys for us.


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          On another note - is it possible to display a countdown timer on the phone for the wrap-up time?


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            It is almost inexcusable that they dont offer an option to "toggle" status.

            We program two buttons, ACD+ and ACD-

            Sometimes I think the programmers never actually use the phones themselves.


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              Yea, one button would make sense. We actually have a button box that we put next to each phone to give my agents additional buttons to handel login and logout with speed dial options!


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                Am I wrong in thinking that the soft keys seem to be the appropriate location for this toggle button we think should exist? It seem like that is the type of function that shoul dbe on a soft key, since they are generally "context" specific.


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                  This application runs as a service on the voice mail server and monitors for presses of a phone button programmed for workgroup log in. When the press is detected, it logs the agent in or out of the workgroup, depending on their current state.

                  It has been tested on Shoretel 7.5 only. We take no responsibility for any problems or for compatibility with any release of Shoretel. We welcome bug reports, however, and will consider them for fixing.



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                    Originally posted by Palitto Consulting View Post
                    Link appears broken. I'd really like to test it too .


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                      The link for this program was removed because this program is no longer compatible with ShoreTel 8 and later. If you want this for 7.5, I can provide the file, but it has already been confirmed not to work on 8 and up. We do have an alternative way to implement this functionality on these versions but have not yet done so.