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  • Vista Ultimate, ShoreTel, and sound Quality

    ShoreTel Call manger does work on my Vista fine except for one issue. Out going sound Quality. I sound like a robot to the person on the other end. I use Road Runner Cable for my home network. We had it up and running fine at one point when I had the Vista as a secondary boot. I redid my computer and made the Vista my main boot and now the sound does not work correctly. I am running a dell 1720 laptop with 4 gig of ram and a 256meg Video card. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am not the only who works here that has this problem.


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    Dell usually comes with a "drive reset tool" find that and run it. It will reset all your drivers back to default settings.

    As for your voice quality, I am going to guess that it is your internet.


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      Voice Quality

      I actually found the issue and it had to do with PC Cillin that comes with the Dell Once I uninstalled that everything works great. I knew it was not an internet issue as it was happening no matter where I plugged in. But thanks for the suggestion :red_indian: