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  • call manager taking control of mic volume

    Has anyone had any issues with the Call Manager Softphone taking control of the micraphone settings in Windows? The issues we are having with some headsets is that we need to keep the volume at around 75 to 80% of max, if the mic volume isn't up that high, the person on the other end can barley hear them. Evertime a new call is made with the softphone, the Call Manager/Softphone takes control of the mic volume in Windows and sets it back to 60%. We've tried using the Automatic Gain Control and that doesn't always work so well.

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    We had the same issue. If you send me your email address I will send you our fix. The file has screen shots with the steps.


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      I sent you a PM with my email. Thanks in advance for your help!


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        Anyone else had a solution to this problem, I sent PMs but this thread was quite some time ago. This is the only issue I could find when searching.


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          I am aslo having the same issue

          I am aslo having the same issue any help would be great!