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  • ShoreTelPC.APP has stopped working

    I just installed the Call Manager app on a laptop with Windows Vista. Shoretel version is 8.1. The install worked properly and required a reboot. When the system came back up, Microsoft Windows returned an error message stating:
    ShoreTel.PCM.App has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will cose the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    Anyone else run into this? Thanks!

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    Also seeing this issue

    What version of ShoreTel are you running? We are also seeing this problem on 8.1 13.23.2606 on two brand new Dell PCs.


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      8.1 is the latest version of ShoreTel that is out and that is the version that we have on our computers. Actually 8.1 is compatible with Vista but the original version of Vista, not the new 64-bit version. We also have Dells.


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        I have seen this at 2 customers' sites now - only ever on a couple of PCs. Have had to rebuild the PCs to make it work. Anyone else find a solution?


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          This problem was fixed in later builds of 8.1. I'm sorry, but I do know know which build it was fixed in.