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  • Email Notification

    Hi...I'm a new user to ShoreTel in the past few months. Please pardon me not having the knowledge to search to see if an answer to this problem has been discussed before.

    I have a user who was getting email notifications in two forms:
    1. the generic email from the "ShoreWare Voice Mail" user with specs on the message (CallerID, Length of call, etc.)
    2. the 2nd email where the sender is the CallerID/Recognized user and when the recipient clicks on the email to open it up the small Voice Mail Message app that allows the recipient to play the message

    The 2nd email has stopped being delivered. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the ST Call Manager on the PC and no change. I don't see a specific Rule in Outlook that would be sacking these (can't find in any Outlook folder).

    Any idea where I turn next?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I have the same problem on more than one user (me being one of them).

    After I removed call manager and reinstalled, my options to install outlook and calendar integration are grayed out now.


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      Updated info

      I tried uninstalling the PCM again, scanned registry for all shor*(found nothing), reinstalled. Still my option to install Outlook and Calendar integration is grayed.


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        Still not working

        I have tried all tricks I can think of. I have uninstalled, cleaned reg., manually removed files from hard drive, recreated my outlook profile and still do not have option for Outlook integration.

        Trying to fix my email alert problem has turned into a bigger problem.

        Any ideas? Anyone?


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          Are we a rare breed?

          Are we the only people having trouble with the call manager notification through outlook?


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            Call Manager

            What build are you running?

            Virtually all of our PCM problems went away with version 8.


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              Just in case you have not tried it go to mail in the control panel.
              Then choose E-mail Accounts next remove the ShoreWare Voicemail account. Then you can immeditaly add it back by clicking New and choosing the "other" radio button and then the ShoreWare Voicemail option again.

              I have had sucess with this before. I do know what you are talking about with this problem but as EAZEAZ has said i have not had this problem with 8.1 release.


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                Thanks for the response

                I have remove the account and added it back but that did not work either.

                We are running 8.1 with PCM build 13.23.2606.0


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                  My problem solved

                  Problem was actually with some of the Outlook reg entries (and maybe files). After removing the PCM, ran repair on Outlook. Then reinstalled the PCM and I had the option back for Outlook integration. Working great now.