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  • Not Compatible with what else?


    We are just now implementing a new Shoretel system and are running into some compatibility issues.

    We are installing Shoretel 8.1 Call Manager. I just now found out it is NOT compatible with Office Outlook 2000 (must have 2003 & Up), nor is it compatible with Firefox.

    Is there anything else I need to be on the lookout for as my rep is apparently not doing his job telling me what I should be wary of??

    Thank you - speed is of the essence!

    Theresa Greene, MCSE

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    I don't have many specifics, but I wouldn't expect any brand new software to be compatible with software from 9 years ago (office 2000)....

    I dont think the PCM runs on 64 bit windows correctly, macs, etc.

    i also don't think the server can be on anything 64bit or windows 2008 server.

    We have seen some issues with cached mode exchange.

    Riverbed Steelheads also seem to be incompatible with the Shoretel data streams. The acellerators have to be put into pass through mode for the traffic.


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      I'm curious how a web browser would be incompatible with the PCM? Can you be more specific? This would open a whole can of worms as I would not normally test unrelated software during a rollout.

      What issues are you having?


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        I run Firefox 3.0.6 on my machines as the defauly browser along side PCM 8.1 with no problems. The only thing I cannot do is access Shoreware Director from Firefox. Can you be more specific about the incompatibility?


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          Riverbed? Not having any issues here...

          I'm surprised to see Riverbed in your list - the voice streams are excluded from optimisation by default, as a 'real-time' protocol it would defy most efforts to dedupe (adding latency in the process), although there are limited benefits from other types of optimisation (session persistence, stream sequencing, latency spoofing, in-flow caching...). For all the other traffic that may span sites - including PCM, Director, DVS, agent polling etc - Riverbed optimisation appears to be very effective (eg 8:1 reduction for traffic to/from the HQ site Director). We also use the Riverbed units to manipulate the QoS on voice streams between sites, works well. Likewise Juniper WX/WXC had no issues, but wouldn't do much to optimise the voice streams.

          The only possible exception, which we are still researching, are unreliable ECC agent updates (eg release with code) spanning sites that are supposedly udp broadcasts, but that's looking less like a WAN issue and more like a, ahem, 'feature'.



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            You can add to the list that Call Manger will not run on XP Embedded. Not a very common situation, but we uncovered it doing feasibility testing with XPe thin clients.


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              Vester, We are running Call Manager 8.1 with softphone on XPe. You need DirectX installed because of the new video features, as well as the .NET 2.0 framework.


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                In our testing, (8.1 shoretel, 5.5 RIOS), allowing the steelheads to optimize the traffic resulted in ALL PCM's to show "not connected" status on the "line status" itself. I believe creating a passthrough rule for port 135 immediately corrects the problem.

                For some reason, the steelheads cause a problem with the pcm showing the phone/line connection status. You never actually lose connection to the server itself, but the status never changes to "on hook".

                We tested, retested, etc always with the exact same results.

                What version of shoretel/steelheads are you using?


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                  PCM 8.1 and Firefox 3.0.6 on my box, running just fine. I don't know of any integration between these two packages that would prevent PCM from working correctly.

                  As for Shoreware Director. Doesn't work in native FireFox. I use the IE Tab addon and set the site up to always use IE in an FF tab. Works great, every time!


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                    Hmm, we're currently running RIOS 5.02c and 8.0 (without OL integration) - no issues, PCM shows the correct line status; I'll ask around the other sites and see if anyone has noticed a similar issue. Are you using softphones?


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                      no softphones.

                      wonder what will happen when you go to 5.5?

                      We didnt connect our VOIP network in path until after the upgrade to 5.5. I don't know if it is something that used to work and now does not.

                      It sure as hell breaks every PCM that goes across the wan though.


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                        Tks for all replies. Apparently, Firefox is not an issue for PCM. I'd read that it "may" be somewhere on this site I thought. Apparently not, our vendors run it with PCM and there are no issues.

                        We have 10 machines with Office 2000 on them, and found out the hard way the Outlook integration does not work with 2000. In spite of the fact that it is 10 years old, there are a lot of programs that do still work with it. PCM 8.1 does not.

                        Thank you for your help.