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  • FYI: third party fax solution

    Greetings all, hopefully this will be a help to someone in the future...

    After switching to Shoretel VoIP, we've had a bit of trouble with sending/receiving faxes. I've followed all the best practices from Shoretel and info on this site such as 9600 baud, no error correction, set extension to "fax machine" to lock the jitter buffer, up the PRI gain, replace all cabling to fax with Cat 6 cabling, put QoS on network, etc. (Honestly, you'd think that would be enough.)

    Anyway... I hated fax machines before, and now I hate them even more. Why can't users just send an email?

    Long story short, I went searching for a third party service provider to handle our outbound faxing for us to help alleviate some of the issues I've been having. After looking at tons of providers, demo'ing a few (Ring Central, eFax, etc.) I stumbled on After making sure their solution worked for us, we actually found out that we would be saving money by switching to them as their cost for a single page transmission (assuming a page is typically transmitted in one minute) is $0.019 / min. This is below our long distance costs to begin with. On top of that, we were transmitting at 9600 baud, so a page took longer then a minute for us to transmit!

    The way we are using them now is that any user can email attachments to them and Faxage will fax it off for us. The user then receives (if they desire) two emails back. The 1st email is an acknowledgment that Faxage received the email and is processing it and queuing it up. The 2nd email is a transmission report. We have the transmission report setup to include the first page of the fax so the sender knows which fax the email is referring to.

    Long story short, they saved us money, saved us Administration, users are happy (though that may change as we get less exercise walking to the fax machine) and I'm now able to remove some fax machines from our network! We do use a Multi-Tech fax server internally for inbound faxing to the users extension which has helped to get rid of fax machines, but Faxage does offer an inbound fax 2 email solution as well.

    If you're struggling with faxing and looking for other solutions, hopefully this will help you too! Just keep in mind that this is a 3rd party solution, so don't go faxing military nuke launch codes through them or anything like that.

    NOTE - I am not affiliate with, or any of it's members in any way, shape or form other then being a happy customer!
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