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  • Remote Site Question

    First of all, i am an IT Consultant with multiple clients using Shoretel at their coporate office and remote sites via MPLS or SonicWall VPN connections. The remote sites typically have 5 trunks coming into a ShoreGear 60/12 at each site. When the VPN or MPLS goes down and there is no communication to the Headquarters the phones work fine for internal/external calls, until the phones are that point they go to "No Service". Can someone explain why this occurs, because it was my understanding that it should use cached information and have the ability to make internal/external calls after a reboot? Thanks for any insight in advance.

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    Rebooting ShoreTel stuff when there is a fault condition is generally a Bad Thing. The phones talk to a configuration switch (which is always at HQ) when they boot to find out which local switch they should deal with. You might be able to get around this by programming a manual MGCP server in the phone, but in general don't reboot stuff when there are WAN problems.


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      ShoreTel needs to document Failover better

      I know that this works (or at least has worked in the past) to some degree. When on version 6.1, we moved Shoregear switches and phones from one location to another and the phones came up and worked with the trunks before the network was up. More recently, on version 7, we moved another location the same way, and only about half of the phones worked (again with no network). The others showed "no service".

      I saw a post somewhere not too long ago that said the phones must come up with the same IP address they had when connectivity was lost. Since we were doing DHCP in our Cisco switch, and the bindings were reset after a reboot, this could have caused our problem as the phones might have had different IP addresses.

      Nonetheless, there is no documentation that I have found that discusses specific WAN failure scenarios and how they are handled. All I can find are vague references to the failover capabilities.

      Other Vendors that I looked at before selecting ShoreTel (MITEL comes to mind), had very detailed documentation about how their systems handle failover with multiple scenarios and diagrams.