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  • IP 115 and headset

    Is there any workaround to a headset lifter for the IP 115? Customer wants to use a wired headset, however I am not sure a handset lifter would work on a concave phone. Anyone have a IP 115 and headset solution, wired or wireless?

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    We use the Jabre Netcom GN 9120 or 9125 on the 115 phones without any problem. The lifter fits under the handet and lifts it just fine. You have to set the lifter to the minimal lift, and put the lifter to the very top of handset so the handset will rest back down correctly when the lifter goes down, but otherwise, it works perfectly. The other nice thing that users like is they get in-ear ringing, which our 230 users do not get with the same unit because they don't use the lifter with the built in microphone/ring detector (we don't want to purchase the special Plantronics device to do this either.)


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      Anyone find a wireless headset with lifter that works?