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  • Can not edit user in Shoreware Director

    We running Director 8 build 13.9.5704.0 and have a problem where we can not edit a user's settings. The sad thing is that the user we can not edit is my own. Once in Director and in my user page, all the buttons on the top are grayed out and there is a status of busy just beneath the buttons. When I try to leave my user's setup page, I get a waring the I need to save my changes.

    I have opened a ticket with our vendor and they are looking into an answer. So far we have been told to clear our browsers cache and that should fix it. We have done this and it doesn't seem to change. We can use a browser that has never gone to the Director web site and we still have the same issue.

    Any thoughts?

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    This is a bug in version 8.0. I don't remember the specific build that i had issues with but your build number rings a bell. If you upgrade to a later version (i would suggest 8.1) it should take care of the issue. Good luck.


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      Issue was escalated at ShoreTel and corruption was found in the DB. Manual removal of user was needed. I would love to go to 8.1, but waiting for it to go to GR. We have been told that it will go GR soon.