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  • Change the codec for one phone?

    I would like to put a phone offsite in a home office via a VPN connection. I want the lowest codec to be used for that phone. How would I accomplish that? I don't see codecs listed on the individual phone entry. We are running 8.1.



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    You need to add an IP Address Map List with the IPs that the phone will use at the remote location and be sure to check the "Teleworkers" option. From what I gather having this option checked will force any phones in that range to use the Inter-Site Codec list. The default for this is "Low Bandwidth Codecs"

    It took me a while to figure this out. I kept looking around for where to configure the Inter-Site Codec list but my company only has one site and the menu doesn't say "Inter-Site" list, just a ":" (See attached image)
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