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  • Difference between a "site" area code and a "trunk" area code

    What is the difference between configuring the "area code" and "additional area code" in the site configuration vs. the trunk configuration sections. As best as I can tell from reading the docs, it appears that if a user is at a site that has all the area codes listed for that location, that they can do 7 digit dialing, whereas the trunk area codes are used for call routing. Would this be true? If this is the case, it sounds like it is not as important to list the area codes in the site configuration if the users are used to doing 10 digit dialing to begin with?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Think I found the answer myself. Only checked the Admin guide, forgot to check the PIG to see what it said.

    From page 97 of the PIG.
    "NOTE The Local Area Code and Additional Local Area Codes set on the Site edit page have nothing to do with the Local Area Code, Additional Local Area Codes, and Nearby Area Codes on the Trunk Group edit page. Area codes on the Site edit page relate only to digit collection, whereas those on the Trunk Group edit page relate only to Network Call Routing and Digit Manipulation."