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  • Sharing Contats?

    I am brand new to ShoreTel, so bear with me. Is there a way to share someone's contacts with everyone or sync a GAL with one machine?

    I ask because we have 25+ users on Outlook 2002. Since we use Zimbra I would like to avoid upgrading all users to Outlook 2007, but first I need to find a way to share one users contacts with the whole company via ShoreTel.

    Any thoughts?

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    You could move the contacts to a public folder in Outlook.


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      Thanks, but we're not using an exchange server, which I think you need for Outlook Public folders (am I wrong?).

      What about a way to import contacts from a csv file? Access to LDAP? Any other way to get contacts in to ShoreTel other than manually entering them.


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        You could put the contacts in the ShoreTel System Directory using ShoreWare Director. Not sure if you can import these but it is probably possible.