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  • Plantronics CS70 not receiving beep on incoming calls

    We have a customer who has two brand new Plantronic CS70 headsets. The only thing not working is they don't hear a beep in the headset when they get an incoming call.

    Any ideas?

    ShoreTel 8.1 latest build

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    You may need the "Plantronics Ring Detector" to get this to work..


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      That is the way it is, you will get one Call Waiting Beep in the Headset unless you have a ring detector.


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        Make sure the personal call manager is set to wireless headset as well.


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          Thank you for the information.

          We had set the call manager to wireless headset but was not aware of a ring detector. I will inform the customer.

          Thanks again.


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            Ring Detector

            Ring detector is "RD-1," part 78887-01. We paid about $16 each through

            The unit plugs into the base of the CS70 (and maybe other models, but we use the CS70N) and has a very low-gain self-stick microphone about 1/2" diameter which attaches to the phone. If the phone ringer is set "loud" it will work stuck discreetly "under" the speaker, else you have to attach it to front.