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  • Dual NICs/Teaming

    Anybody using Dual NICs without problems? I know in the earlier versions of Shoretel it seems that this generate some errors and some issues.

    I have run into a situation where I am going to need it to automate the failover situation (Will have the network cables going to seperate switches).

    Any input is appreciated.


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    Currently using Version 8.1


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      I have used teamed nics on Hewlett Packard servers without issue. It is important to use a Failover and not load balanced configuration. It has gone a bit wobbly with load balanced configuration.

      It seem prudent to set up the team before you install IIS and the ShoreWare server so that it binds to the virtual NIC rather than the physical team members.

      I believe TAC are still warey of any form of dual NIC scenario on the servers (It's witchcraft and some form of devilry :devil2but from what I can work out, it behaves the same way as the failover NIC on the ShoreGear switch.