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  • Automated phone reports for sales office

    Hi -

    I was wondering how or what we would need to be able to have automated phone reports printed at different times of the day to track phone activity? We would like to be able to see # of dials, total talk time, inbound time, and outbound time. There are 2 different departments that we would like to track so we would need seperate reports.

    Also, is there a way to report a total phone time average based on somehow logging in? Currently if someone works for 4 hours and leaves early, it will hurt our average as it doesn't take into account the hours missed.

    We're on a mix of Shoretel 530 IP phones, and Shoretel 7 Workgroup Agent call manager.



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    We have done things along the lines of what you are asking for with 2 different customers. You can see a snapshot of one of them at Area Networks: Case Studies
    This example does take into account each person start time being different from the others measures whether they are hitting their phone-time goals. For this customer, the data is always being displayed on a TV on the wall and also pops up on each computer every 30 minutes.
    If you want to talk further, feel free to email me.



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      Hi Andy,

      I am trying to biuld an automated report to see the total calls and abandoned calls for the prior day.

      I have an ODBC connection using excel but cannot put together a proper query. I want to use the crystal report query, but cannot find those either.

      Thank you in advance


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        We have built many reports. We can help you. How would you like to be helped?

        Bryon Palitto


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          I am looking for a query that will pull the Total call amount along with the abandoned calls from the prior day.

          Do you know how I can use the Shoretel's Crystal reports queries?