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  • Voicemail/Options menu

    We're having an issue that appears isolated to one site.

    When users try to log into their VM and assign their extension to another phone by selecting 7-3-1, they cannot select the option to assign their extension after pressing 3. Their only option is to unassign thier extension. Implying that its already applied to that phone, which its not.

    Also, when logging into VM, they are being routed twice to the "correct system". Meaning when they log in they get the greating of "please hold while I route you to the correct system". after a second time of this they finaly get to enter their password and are able to get into their VM. But the Change Extension Assignment function isn't working properly.

    Any help is much appreciated....

    We are using Shoretel 7

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    Ensure that the Telephony Class of Service assigned to the user group that these users are in has Allow Extension Reassignment ticked.

    Also check that the VM server that the user is assigned to is up and running.