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  • SG switches locking up without failing over

    I've seen 2 different customers have problems where the sg switch in use with mutiple users have multiple dropped calls. One situation where the server log showed tms connecting and disconnecting every 2-5 minutes. Phones would not fail over to another available sg switch. My coworker had to manually move users and then reboot the switch. Shoretel engineers pulled fault event in server log under c: drive, and "had not seen that one yet". Problem cleared after power cycling the switch. One i worked today: multiple phones registered to a switch are dropping calls, i look at the switch, it shows disconnected in server, i cant find any entry in the logs where it dropped. Moved users to another switch manually then rebooted switch and now phones seem to be fine. Is there something that can be done to prevent switches from failing with regard to tms and the server? Thanks.

    First server was running:
    ShoreTel 8
    Build 13.9.5704.0

    Second server was running:
    ShoreTel 7.5
    Build 12.14.1806.0

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    and i do have all the messages after bootup on the second problem if that will help


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      This is the IP phone failover bug...

      See post:

      Upgrade both systems to a newer release. Your 8.0 release should have that defect fix but they improperly reported the build it was fixed in.

      The proper upgrade path for 8.0 is 8.1 (8.0 development stopped and was merged into 8.1).


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        Thanks Chris


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          This is happening on a site a maintain. 8.1 build 13.2504.0. Locks up switch and won't properly failover. I'm gonna upgrade to 9.1 soon.