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  • Shoreware Director 7.5 12.15.6700.0 Issues

    Where to Start

    We have one Director Server W2k3 R2 standard edition running Shoreware Director 7.5 12.15.6700.0
    3 switches at the same site as the director server
    1 - 120/24
    1 - 60/12
    1 - E1

    We also have a switch at a remote site
    1- 90BRI

    Recently the Director server "lost communication" with the 90 BRI at the remote site.

    Each site is connected via A Sonicwall 2040 Pro Firewall.

    The director server can Ping the 90 BRI and we can telnet to the switch via the director server. There appears to be an RPC error on the switch.

    We have had several Shoretel Engineers take a look, they have gone through the process of reconfiguring the settings on the switch, burning flash etc.
    They could not see a problem and put it down to a networking issue.

    The Firewall rules allow all traffic from the respective sites, nevertheless after over a month of the issue, I reluctantly rebuilt both firewalls at each site. Communication between the devices (server and bri was restored temporarily, however coming in the next day after rebuilding the firewall the problem re-surfaced.

    Strangely enough the Director Server is also exhibiting strange behaviour.

    1. No internet access, able to ping sites but receive an ie error - page cannot be displayed
    2. Shoreware director unavailable via ie on the server (see above) to access director, I have to browse from another machine.
    3. We have several users who have email notification set up on their mailboxes. This function is currently unavailable. SMTPVC errors in server system log (Message delivery to the host '' failed while delivering to the remote domain '' for the following reason: The remote server did not respond to a connection attempt.

    Following a reboot of the server all of the above are cured for a few hours conditions - (not the communication to the bri switch) .

    We have rebuilt the server twice to no avail, packet traces and logs have been sent to shoretel without any luck.

    We rebuilt the server using backups from an original server:

    c\program files\shoreline communication
    c:\shoreline data

    We also as a test built a new server with a default install of director (the newer version to 12.15.6700.0.

    Strangely enough this new server is exhibiting the same characteristics as the old - no ie, smtpvc error etc.

    If anyone can help or make suggestions please do.

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    Reference the server problem.
    Is the server a member of a domain by any chance?
    Also you should refer to the installation guide regarding the setting for Data Execution Protection (DEP)

    For the firewall.
    I have seen an issue in the past which involved Checkpoint firewalls. After a period of time it would block connectivity between switches at different sites. I believe this was because checkpoint didn't like the session remaining connected indefinitely. I think this went away following a software upgrade on the Checkpoint.

    Interestingly I am currently deploying a multi-site ShoreTel and the sites are also connected with Sonicwall. We have one site which is exhibiting a similar problem, the switch connectivity screen suggests that everything is fine, but when you try to place a call the call setup packets from the remote site never seem to reach the HQ site. Yet, you can ping, telnet, and Switch connectivity seems to be OK. Traffic between the sites is light so we are content to break out over PSTN for the moment.

    The customer will shortly be embarking on a WAN upgrade which will involve changing the Sonicwall units to Cisco ASA. We will see if the problem goes away after this...


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      Thanks Dave, very interesting.

      The server is not a member of the domain and we have completely disabled dep by way of a registry edit.

      In terms of an installation guide, the initial install of the setup of the server, switches and phones was done by a 3rd party support company. If you can point me in the right direction of the installation guide - that would be most useful.

      Not sure we will consider changing our firewall technology due to budgetary constraints, but who knows

      I'll keep plugging away.


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        I can tell you with the Cisco ASA's, we're having problems with the ASA's closing the port. To get around this, we've got a service on a local computer with the phone pinging the SG switch's. The pings also have to be started on the remote side, not the server side.


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          Planning and Installation Guide is in the navigation bar on the left in ShoreWare Director, right near the bottom.


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            Thanks Jason

            Have you any more info on setting this up ie getting the phone to ping a switch?


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              Firewall, Firewall Firewall. Our so -called Sonicwall Support inadvertently made a change to our Sonicwall creating a NAT policy which screwed around with source and destination ip addresses - all fixed now


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                It seems like every post that contains "we have a sonicwall" ends with "we had a firewall problem" lately................