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  • Escalation Profiles not working properly

    I have 17 members of a committe that I've setup with escalation profiles for ALL call handling modes (just to be safe). None of these individuals actually has a phone, just a vm box. They are also members of a single distribution group so that vm messages can be sent to them all at one time and then the escalation profile will call their cell phones to let them know they have a message.

    The problem is, only about 12 of the individuals are getting notified. I can go through the Trunk Activity Detail Report and see the system running through the escalation profiles and calling their cell phones.

    We have 2 PRI lines so that should not be a problem.

    I'm baffled as to why it will call some of the numbers but not even make an attempt on the others.

    Any info/ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Maybe coincidental or unrelated but I believe 12 is the default number for the field labeled 'Maximum Trunks for Voice Mail Notification' under the application servers. At least worth a look.


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      Son of a gun! You were correct. I just bumped the number up to account for this particular distribution group. I was thinking it must be a configuration setting as opposed to capacity. This system is so much more advanced than our old system and the old one would always make all the calls (for vm notifications).

      Many thanks for your help!!