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  • Large buttons

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but does anybody know of a solution that would be helpful for someone who doesn't see very well? One of our clients is an Assisted Living facility and a few of their tenants have trouble seeing the numbers on the phone.

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    Giant Buttons

    You could setup their port as analog and get them one of those phones with the rediculously large old people buttons.............

    probably not a lot of options here


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      Yeah I didn't think so, can't set it to analog because the closet that the ST switches are in is the furthest away from the closet that the patch panel for the room is in and the closets are all connected with fiber. Looks like this: Telephone Stickers - White on Black - Numbers Only - might be the closest thing to an option


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        You could look into using a SIP phone. Not sure if any have “large” buttons but it is worth a try


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          Since there is a distance problem, you could get a mediatrix ATA and convert the analog phone with large buttons to SIP at their desk...


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            Big Yellow Stickers

            I have seen that computer keyboards can be made accessible by putting yellow stickers over the keys with the letters and numbers in large black bold type to make them easier to see.

            I guess you could use the same technique on a phone keypad to give higher contrast.
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