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  • Trunk Group Access Code Question

    As I am preparing to set up a new site in our system, I came across an anomaly. The operators in each site are set to point to a Trunk Group Access Code in another site. I think that this was an oversight on the part of the installer.

    Am I fine to point them back to the trunk group for their appropriate site?

    What effect does pointing to the Trunk Group Access Code for another site have on the user?

    From what I read in the Administrator's Guide, it sounds like the system trys to make the least expensive call possible for the user regardless of the setting. (We do have least cost routing set up in our system, so all of the operators have access to all the trunks.)

    Thank you!

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    There is a default trunk group setting which is assigned to new users, this is under Preferences.

    The system will choose the best trunk it can based on the access code dialled and the trunk groups that the user has access to (based on thier user group) that use that access code. I don't think it should use a trunk group with a different trunk access code even if the user has access to it. Some people use different trunk access codes to control trunk selection manually.