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  • Returned Error 424

    We are using 8.1 and this started when we upgraded.
    In Director when we click on one specific user (the one with admin rights) we get the following error

    "Returned Error: 424
    Object Required"


    "An error has occurred:


    The user screen comes up but everything is blank except the "Number" field, and it is listed as "undefined". We can save, delete or change any of the information.

    I have taken a quick look at the mySQL db and I don't see anything weird with his account. I was expecting that maybe somehow some special characters got somewhere they shouldn't but didn't see anything. I also checked all the log files I could find and I don't see anything that would indicate any issues. I even checked the IIS logs.

    Has anyone seen this? Know a solution or where to look for more information?

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    We've seen this but it was in circumstances where they tried to delete the user (Shoretel 8+) and it didn't fully clean out all the records.

    We had to crawl through the database and manually remove all of the references.