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  • Percentage Allocation Routing

    Wondering if anyone has experience through Shoreware Director, or ECC, in regard to setting up percentage allocation routing? In other words, a call comes in, the customer selects a certain menu option, and we want to send a certain percentage of calls to an internal call group, while the other percentage forwards out to an external number. This is one feature I am not familiar with, but have been told ShoreTel has the capability. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


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    Yes, you can do this (and much more) with ECC.


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      Investigate the SQL 'Rand' function. When the caller selects the option from your menu, execute the rand function, multiply the result by 100 and stick it into a call profile. Compare the call profile in a call control script that selects a path for you based on the evaluation of the percentage of calls you want to send a particular way and the amount of the call profile created by the rand function.

      Thats one way to do it with an ECC.