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  • Shoretel 8.1 Bugs/Issues REPORT HERE

    Seeing related threads were sporadic throughout I decided to start this thread.

    I recently upgraded from 7.5 to 8.1 and we've been seeing a few issues. I will report them here. Interested in comments/known fixes, or if these problems are prevalent on other systems:

    1. When clicking voice mail message in Outlook, goes to voicemail and message is heard - but after message is heard, you have to manually disconnect from voicemail, or you will remain connected indefinitely (maybe disconnects if another call comes in, who knows).

    2. If you experience tinny-sounding voices over the phone network (someone said it sounds like a robot in a glass of water), it's a codec issue. I noticed there are six or seven different codecs that are probably there for different bandwidth flavors. Remote tech from IPC fixed this problem for us by making a test codec; so far, no tinny voices reported by users since the fix.

    3. Some users were having connectivity issues btwn Shoretel 8.1 Call Manager and Outlook 2003 client - only for me to discover that their Shoretel MAPI clients were missing from Outlook 2003. Reinstalled to correct - no problems since - but how is Shoretel client disappearing from Outlook 2003?

    4. Although drag & drop feature is present, with 8.1 you can no longer drag/drop it to settle in lower tray. You now have to specify it under View where you want it to appear.

    5. Right after the upgrade, you couldn't look up people by last name in the auto attendant directory. A day later, it was working again; problem CBI (cleared before isolation).

    6. On voicemail notification in Outlook client, window opens for you to hear voicemail, you hit the "Call Sender" button, and nothing happens. Apparently for some reason the clicks on the mouse button were being recorded, and all of a sudden you were calling the sender six times in a row. Problem has since disappeared.

    7. Intermittently (more times in the morning) I've called my Shoretel DiD number from my cell phone....meanwhile, Call Manager sits idle, and reports "no active calls at this time" in purple text, yet I answer my Shoretel desk phone and CM is idle. The call isn't even recorded in history of calls.

    8. Shoretel 8.1 Call Manager (Operator): Sorry, our receptionist is not at all happy. In the previous version, you'd click and drag the call to the contact in her contact list. The contact would highlight. Instead, the annoying green icon turns into a flower instead, and she's not really sure if the call is working the same as it used to (I know it is; she just doesn't like changes). Also she isn't happy with the call stack no longer present, and doesn't appreciate that when a call hangs up, it disappears and the next call below it moves up. She says this way, she cannot delineate between calls as sometimes the same site may be calling us from two different phones.

    Overall, the new installation has been keeping me busy. I tried restarting our server to see if it might correct the CM issues I've reported, but no joy.

    I'd like to see others report any bugs/problems with Shoretel 8.1 here so maybe we can all work together and supply some advice or feedback if you have seen these issues in Shoretel 8.1.


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    2. We had this issue the first day or so. We had to adjust the codecs used at each site to be appropriate for the bandwidth. Also we had enough phones still updating firmware to put a decent load on our network. Our users described the call quality the same exact way.


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      For #8,

      You can bring up the PCM Option window from either Tools->Options or the Application button, go to Telephony, then check the option "Show empty call cells in Normal view" to have the old call stack back.


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        Since the upgrade we've had a couple strange issues.

        One of our Supervisors is saying she can see calls as unheard from previous days that a Support agent has already deleted and listened to in the inbox. If she clicks them or listens to them they go back into the Support Agent's inbox as unheard.

        Also, one report of call's from previous day's not showing up until 2 days after they were made.


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          #2 codec - we rebuilt the 7.5 codecs and made them the priority ... the tinny sounds went away.

          We've had intermittent dropped audio on trunk calls (not internal); either no audio connection whatsoever, or "we can't hear the caller, caller can hear us." Still debugging.


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            We also upgraded from 7.5 to 8.1.
            We did this on Friday due to needing to roll out the new switches to some remote sites.

            Since we have an agreement with a local company, I do not get direct support to ShoreTel so our fix for codecs was to set both inter and intra to "Very Low." Our users described it as "sounding like you're in a can."
            Hopefully there is an official release for this soon so we can set these properly.

            Other issues:
            1. Contact reading/importing from outlook is sub-par. What used to take less then 10 seconds in version 7.5 takes about 15 minutes in version 8.1 (PCM is completely frozen while this happens). The problem can be partially fixed by Caching, but this is insane! Now, it is true that we had about 43,000 contacts for it to read in. And if I started with 8.1 I'd say "ok that makes sense" but in 7.5 it would read in all contacts in less than 10 seconds, no freezing, and no caching (we have many thin clients, caching is not an option).

            2. There does not seem to be any way to make the client show on a phone being answered. This only happens now if you click the "answer" button, but if you actually pick up your handset it will not bring up ShoreTel. This was a huge hassle for our receptionists today. Has anyone figured a way around this?

            3. Searching by last name pulls from outlook contacts and AD properly, but will not pull from ShoreTel directory properly.

            4. Upgrading PCM can be a pain. It was installed using a profile that does not necessarily exist on PCs anymore, thus the upgrade failed because it couldn't find the old version of PCM.msi in the application data folder of the user that installed it.

            5. While I personally LOVE the new set up, some people wish that each person would default to expanded - but this isn't an option anywhere... Any hacks to get around this?



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              For us, PCMU/8000 is the "golden" codec. We use it for all calls, in and out of site. You need to have some bandwidth available, it is not the leanest codec.


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                I'm not sure how to choose a specific codec.... Is this somewhere else than choosing "very low, low, medium" etc. for bandwidth usage?


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                  Codec Lists

                  1. Go to:

                  Call Control - Codec Lists

                  create a new codec list, name it whatever you want. Select the codecs that you want. We use pcmu/8000, pcma/8000 then g722/8000 in that order.

                  2. Go to:

                  Sites -

                  Select the site in question:


                  Intra and Inter site calls to use your new codec list.

                  3. Enjoy the voice quality.

                  PCMU/8000 (in my opinion) is a VERY nice sounding codec. It can take 32k or so per call though I believe. Make sure you have the bandwidth available before you change!


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                    Internal we have plenty of bandwidth.
                    But we do have 12 phones in Shanghai that all need to go over a 1.5mb MPLS along with 50 users using Citrix. So for that site bandwidth will be at a premium - can you recomend a codec for that?
                    Do you (or anyone?) have a list of codecs and how much bandwidth they use?



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                      With 7.5 our users were able to retrieve calls that were holding (not parked, just on hold) on other extensions. With 8.1 they can't do that, and it's causing a lot of frustration and extra work. Setting up a designated "park orbit" extension is only a partial work-around.


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                        #3 MAPI
                        After upgraded from 7.5 to 8.1, the “ShoreTel Call Manager MAPI Import Module has encountered a proble and needs to close” message kept comes every time when you starting PCM. We are runing outlook 2007.


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                          We have not upgraded to 8.1 yet but are having the same MAPI issue. I posted my symptoms in the forum under Installers. Below is the link in the forum. Not sure if suggested post I got back works as I am still testing to see if it does.


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                            Originally posted by JGarretson View Post
                            With 7.5 our users were able to retrieve calls that were holding (not parked, just on hold) on other extensions. With 8.1 they can't do that, and it's causing a lot of frustration and extra work. Setting up a designated "park orbit" extension is only a partial work-around.
                            Use the unpark button on the phone then enter the extension then press unpark again (or wait for the delay).



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                              Transfer options on the IP230

                              If I am transferring a call with an IP230, the option to choose Consult or select more options gives you about 500ms to choose before it just transfers the call automatically.

                              This is a major pain for people that don't use call manager but need to consult-transfer calls.