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  • Voicemails wont play via Phone

    I know I have seen this before but I can find the thread/article about how to try to fix it.

    I have ONE user that can't play voice mails via phone from the client. They can play them through the speakers, or if they go to another machine they can play them via phone. I have restarted the server as well as the client. Where should I be looking?

    The button is there and not grayed out but clicking it doesn't do anything.

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    I posted a similar issue, but a restart of the server corrected that.


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      Have you looked in the voicemail tab settings? Make sure the Use your PC Speakers for playing voice messages is unchecked. It is located under options, configure shoretel settings and then the voicemail tab.


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        Hello all, new to the forum. I am having the same issue playing VM from Outlook. The screen comes up and when I click play, it never starts playing (the duration never starts counting down). It was fine yesterday and now today it just doesn't work. Tried changing how it plays (speakers, etc) but it never actually starts. Any ideas?


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          A reboot of the server fixes both of those issues.


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            Having to reboot the server every week isn't an acceptable solution.