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  • Fax's being received by Auto-Attendant, sending to ME!!!

    Greetings all,

    We recently installed a multi-tech fax server. Everything is going well, EXCEPT, any time a user SENDS a fax from a fax machine, and miss-dials the number (i.e. doesn't dial a trunk code), the call is sent to the backup Auto-Attendant. The Backup AA "hears" that it is a fax and sends it to our multi-tech fax server. The multi-tech receives the fax, but since the DID number doesn't match anything it has in it's directory, it sends the fax to me as a person of last resort.

    So, I'm now receiving faxing from other people in my company that can't figure out how to dial the outside trunk line first when sending a fax.

    The problem seems to be that the backup AA can detect faxes and re-direct them. I'd LOVE to turn this "feature" off the backup AA, but I'm guessing it can't be turned off. My next solution is to try and create some type of dialing rule for our internal fax machines so that they can't be sent to the backup AA, or something like that, but I haven't had any luck.

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd sure appreciate some help. One of these days I just know I'm going to accidentally receive a confidential fax that was miss-dialed and then it is going to turn into a nightmare of an issue.

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    I think I might have partially solved my problem (in case anyone else faces this on a new installation.)

    Part of my issue is that people were actually dialing the "old" trunk access code of '9'. We had switched from this trunk access code on the new system to a different one. People were still dialing '9' and then their 10 digit number instead of the new trunk code. When the number was dialed, it would dial 9 plus three more digits and then the backup AA would kick in and say that the extension was not valid. Being a fax machine, they didn't here it dial and then hear the error message since they didn't monitor the call transmission. By this time, the fax machine would begin transmitting and the backup AA detected it as a fax and sent it off to the fax server, which then sent the fax to me. Result... User thought there fax went through, I received a fax and they wondered why!

    The solution... Since I could not block the fax machines from dialing '9' to begin with, I instead went into the dialing plan and specified '9' as a trunk access code. Of course no trunk is assigned to this, but at least what happens now is that when '9' plus a 10 digit number is dialed, the fax machines receives a fast-busy tone since the Shoretel system has no trunk to match up with, and their User Group doesn't allow it either, which ultimately cancels the fax. This at least helps to solve some of my issues... Hopefully this helps someone else who is experiencing a similar problem.


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      Sounds like you are the default destination for anything Multi-tec can't route by DTMF. You could always specify someone else to get these faxes...


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        Thanks, but unfortunately that doesn't resolve the real issue. We would prefer that NOBODY receives a fax due to a miss-dialed number. I don't mind receiving random faxes from someone outside the company that miss-dials, but when someone inside the company sends a fax and miss-dials, it causes a problem as 1) They *think* their fax was sent just fine as it connected to *some* fax machine and sent the documents. 2) Whoever receives the random faxes might accidentally receive sensitive information, which could break laws such as HIPAA, FICA, etc. etc.

        One thing I have really been finding interesting is how in-frequent cover sheets are used any more. I've certainly learned that I'll never send a fax without a cover sheet any more, because if it goes to the wrong fax machine on the other end, they may have NO clue who sent it or who it should go to if it is just a document without any real reference to sender/receiver on it.
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          I have a multi tech fax finder on my ShoreTel system. The system sends fax logs to me and all miss sent faxes. It has been sometimes a pain in the rear. I have mine setup to always dial the correct trunk access code. I find that from time to time the device reads the incoming dtmf wrong and we really needed that fax. I have a few rules setup in outlook to make my life a little easier but based off my experience I wouldn’t redirect this info to oblivion just my .02


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            Thanks for the input. In my case, we don't have any trouble sending from the Multi-Tech, it is when users try to send from a stand-alone fax machine. They walk up and punch in the "OLD" trunk access code of '9' and then start keying in the outbound phone number. As soon as they key in enough for a 4 digit extension, the call was being sent to the Backup AA that told them the extension was not valid. The backup AA heard the Fax BEEP and then sent it to the MultiTech. Of course at this point there is no DTMF/DID number associated, so the MultiTech doesn't know who it is intended for, so it sends the fax to me.

            The real issue is that the Backup AA should NOT detect faxes and then send them to the site's default FAX extension.


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              I'm having this issue too. Did you ever find a fix?


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                Nope... Sorry.


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                  This doesn't have anything to do with "Fax redirect extension" in your "Sites" settings of ShoreTel Director does it?