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  • Import greeting, name, and voicemails to new server

    We created a new voice mail server and now the users don't have their greetings, names, and voicemails. Is there a way to import all those into the new server? I copy and paste but it doesn't call the wav files. Please help, I'm new at this.

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    Is this a replacement for an existing ShoreTel server or are you talking about importing from another PBX system? If it's a replacement for another ShoreWare Server, you can copy the "d:\Shoreline Data" folder contents from the old server to the new server before you install the new ShoreWare Server software. Make sure to point the data folder to the correct place. If you are talking about moving stuff from another PBX, it's not possible (at least not without more effort than just re-recording the names & greetings - VMs cannot be imported).


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      I recently moved my existing Director to a new physical server. Here are the steps I went thru:

      1)Remove currnent physical server from the network.
      2)Put new physical server on the network with the same NetBios name and IP address as old server.
      3)Install Shoretel Director Server software on new physical server.
      4)Copy old Shoreline Data folder (minus log folder) to D: on new physical server.
      5)Reinstall DVM software on all DVM's.

      I have 45+ sites with 120+ switches on an MPLS network. This process took about 2 hours and everything came back up without any problems. My only issue was that the previuos install hadn't been done correctly so there was no CDR archiving. So no way to retrieve the old CDR. I prepared upper management for this and so that isn't a problem.