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  • Trunk Selection

    I have an install going in and the customer has 2 pri's and 6 copper lines the customer wants the outgoing call to start with a specific pri if for any reason that pri is down go to the 2nd pri and if they are both down the call should go out the copper lines. How does the shoretel choose which order the call will go out if they are all in the same trunk group?

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    Bottom up and with multiple PRIs, I believe the channel naming comes into play.


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      you might also try multiple trunk groups. KB12122


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        My understanding is bottom up for outgoing and top down for incoming. It is either alphabetical by the trunk names or it goes in the order you add them to the group I am not sure which.

        There is a way to change the preferences but I am told ShoreTel has to do it, our reseller says he can't even make those type of changes.


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          I would put each PRI in its own trunk group and all the analogue lines in another trunk group. By default the PRI's will be used before the analogue, but you won't have much control over how they are chosen. The alphabetical thing seems to hold true, but isn't documented or guaranteed.

          Assuming all the trunk groups are permitted to make the call, the choice is made based on an internal "weight" or "cost" assigned to each trunk group. PRI trunks have a slightly lower "cost" than analogue which is why they are preferred. You will need to make the cost of your preferred PRI to be slightly lower again. Incidently, if you ever add SIP trunks, they are preferred over PRI.

          You will also need to allow what is called "call cost promotion" which is disabled by default. This means that by default, if a call is not able to go out the lowest "cost" trunk group (because they are all in use or broken) then the call will fail; you want it to try a more "expensive" trunk group.

          Depending how "techie" your reseller is, they may be willing/able to do it. If they don't want to get stuck into it then you will have to talk to ShoreTel I$ervice$ and they will adjust the dial plan for you at a minimum 2 hour charge. That will annoy you as it will only take them about 37 seconds.


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            I think I understand what you are trying to do. You could try something like what I've done with some of our installations. The notes are in reference to LD but I think you can infer enough to do what you need to.

            First a word of caution. Modifying the dialing rules generated by the System can give you undesired results. If you are uncomfortable making these changes you should work directly with ShoreTel Professional Services to create dialing rules that suit your particular circumstances.

            Login to Director using Support Mode. Go to the Trunk Groups screen and pull up the generated dialing rules. Pull out the text that has been generated. You'll get something like what is below. Yours will be different depending on designed ShoreTel dialing, site heirarchy and Local Prefixes.

            ;-1A<Y.>X.%40G<+X.>x011X.%740G<+MX.>xm1X.%540G<+MN(2 05|2[17]3|[23]26|23[08]|247|250|3[04]9|332|34[45]|[37]78|38[156]|402|454|[47]63|52[3569]|531|55[67]|608|646|681|7[12]7|729|7[49]0|75[78]|77[56]|828)X.>xmnX.%140G<(14|[2-8])11>X.%40G<+M8(00|22|33|44|55|66|77|88)X.>xm1X.%14 0G<101X.>X.%40G<0Y.>X.%40G<*(67|82)X.>xxxX.%40G;-1M

            Paste the string into notepad and seperate it out similar to below. The pieces that you want to pay attention to for LD is "<+MX.>xm1X.%540G".









            Modify the string to lower the "weight" of the PRI that you want users to make use of first for LD to something like "<+MX.>xm1X.%340G". Paste the modified string into the Custom dialing rules of the preferred PRI Trunk Group.

            That should do it.


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              ok, back to the beginning. If you want to dial out of pri 1 first, pri 2 second and then analog. Split the two PRI's into 2 trunk groups. In the first trunk group put in ;-2A

              That's it.

              All this is assuming all trunks are in the same site with the same local numbers.