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  • PCM / VM buglet?

    Hi All,

    We are running 8.1 in the UK. In PCM when a user gets a call that is recorded in VM, when unplayed and you right click on it at the top of the menu you get the number of the party that recorded the call. All fine up to here. Now you play the call in the VM section of PCM. Once played, now right click on it again. What number do you see at the top of the menu that appears? Do you see the same number that just played or is it something totally different?

    That is what we are getting. You can resize the window, scroll up and down the window and it still references a different number to that shown and selected.

    Once you right click on a different message, that will display the correct number and when you return to the original call that now references correctly.

    Our maintenance provider cannot reproduce the fault. Are any of you seeing this? It would be nice to know if we are not alone!

    Regards Bill