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  • Extension Swap

    Normally, I don't let people change extensions (just DID's), but I was over ruled by management.

    I probably should have deleted the accounts, and recreated each account new. Instead, I just swapped extensions between 3 user's. User 1 got user's 2 extension, user 2 got user's 3, and user 3 got user's 1 extension.

    User 2 had some voicemails, and are now showing up in user's 1 box, via Call Manager.

    Does anyone know if voicemails are tied to the extensions, or the client ID?

    Is there any specific documentation on extension swapping or changing?

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    It sounds like maybe you swapped extensions by editing the User's First and Last Name.

    If you wanted to swap extensions but keep their voicemail messages and keep their same PCM (computer), then just edit the user account and change the extension and DID only, leaving the User Name as is. Of course, you will have to use a temporary 4th extension in your scenario to make the changes. Everything else will follow the changes.



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      No, I swapped extension (using a temp 4th ext), and not user names. They kept the same computers.

      There were some other strange 'artifacts' too. There was part of the default AA prompt as a message in the user's call manager. User could play it from the CM, but not delete it, when calling into the voicemail box, it wasn't there. After a reboot, that msg disappeared from the CM, but he still doesn't have his old voicemail.

      I haven't heard from the other 2 people, but I'm going to get into all there accounts (via phone and CM) today.


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        Did you change the client ID to match the numbers they have? make sure their names are in the client id with the number they are using.