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  • Line Appearance- how to dedicate?

    Hi folks, we would like a small group of users to have one of their line appearance buttons on their IP 230 phone to be a dedicated DID.

    I work at a financial institution and we'd like to give the security company a telephone number to dial in case they get an alarm and want to verify before dispatching emergency services. This number would be a ring all hunt group that we want to appear on certain people's phones.

    Can I change one of those buttons to be dedicated to that specific DID and if so, can you point me in a direction to start?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    I havn't played with them myself, but take a look at the Bridged Call Appearance feature which arrive in V7.5


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      7.0 over here in the colonies.


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        You would make a new hunt group name it something like Security or what ever you choose. Them program the DID number that you want to ring to that Hunt group. The place the ext.'s that you want to answer that group. You would either assign a top down ring or simultaneous ring. Once you do that go to the individual ext. and program
        phone button as a monitor ext. and input your hunt group number. And the when it rings it will show up on their buttons.


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          We do this with a seperate hunt group in the office. The security company will call after a certain time in the evening of the alarm isn't set.

          The hunt group is set to ignore call handling modes (important because everyone goes into out of office after hours) and ring a number of phones. Works great.


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            Very cool guys, I'll give that a try and report back.


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              Originally posted by ShoreTel_Dave View Post
              I havn't played with them myself, but take a look at the Bridged Call Appearance feature which arrive in V7.5
              I did look at that feature but did not get very far I must admit. :surrender:


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                There's "Monitor Extension" as well, though I don't know if you can point it at a hunt group. If not, you could create an extension for security and just assign it the DID but not assign it to a handset.
                If the security extension gets a call, you can configure the phone with the Monitor Extension feature to ring at the same time and it makes the button flash as well.


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                  Bridged Call Appearance gets the nod. I created the BCA and then edited each user who I wanted to have that button. Under individual users|personal options | Program IP Phone buttons. Choose Telephony, BCA and configure as normal.

                  By using BCA, everyone sees the call button ringing green and everyone sees it go red when someone else picks up that call. You can also dial out on that line if you wish, unlike if configured as a hunt group pickup button.

                  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I setup the hunt group last night and while that would have worked OK, it's not nearly as clean as BCA is. Hint: online help helped! :smartass: