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  • Unable to play voicemail messages through phone

    I have a few users that can't seem to get voicemail messages to play through their telephones (myself included). When a user double-clicks the voicemail message though PCM, nothing happens. Same thing happens when clicking the play button in the Call Manager window.

    Most users access PCM through Citrix only. I have tested my PCM both through Citrix and locally. Neither works. I was able to hear the message locally through my PC's speakers once I set that option. We are not allowing audio through Citrix, so that's not an option for most of my users. A quick check of the PCM logs revealed the following error:

    [AudioFilePhonePlayer]OnDialVM: ERROR: result=CSIS_VMIFERR_DIALPHONEFAILED

    Any ideas?

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    Under you Call Manger Options check the Telephony setting set it to speaker if not already set.


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      I thought of that too when I first ran into the issue on Friday. The option is already set for speaker. I also tried setting it to headset and back to speaker just in case something simple like that would take care of it.

      From the error message it sounds like the software can't access the ShoreTel phone when trying to access a message though PCM.


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        Tools- Options-Voicemail - uncheck play messages using PC speakers apply. Now it will play thru the speaker on phone.


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          We do have the software set to play messages through the phone. I tested with my PC's speakers just to see if it would work, which it did. That lead me to believe there was an issue with the software communicating with the telephone, which appears to be the case based on the error message I see in the logs.


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            Just to follow-up on this, a reboot of the Shoretel server has corrected the problem.


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              Originally posted by isbrower View Post
              Just to follow-up on this, a reboot of the Shoretel server has corrected the problem.
              One of our engineers called me today with a wierd Shoretel problem. My first response? Did ya reboot it yet? (It is windows, and it's been running for several months since last reboot).

              Reboot fixed it. Sometimes the simple things are the best.