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  • IP-230 Dies After Upgrade

    Anyone having a problem when upgrading to the latest revision level (running v7.0) and some of the IP-230 phones don't survive? I have followed the upgrade process to the "T" and Reset the phones from Shore Director. I lose three phones every time. So far over the past year, over a dozen phones have gone belly up. They get what we now call the "three green lights of death".

    The phone is reset via Shore Director and begins the boot process but does not make it through. It appears to be working then the three LEDs on the left of the display light up solid green.

    I have opened up cases with TAC and never get a response back. I send them the phones and they replace them. It has officially become a PITA. If it is a hardware issue fine, I'll work through it but no response.

    Any ideas?


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    I know that this post is from nearly a year ago, but it's the only spot I've found reference to what I'm experiencing. The difference is I didn't do the upgrade myself, so I can't be sure that's what caused it. However I've got all the same symptoms.

    I've got 11 Shoretel 230's that all have the "3 Green Lights of Death". The biggest bummer about them, is that they will not even boot enough to use any Mute codes. On boot, they immediately go to the green lights. I know that the mute codes would probably resurrect them, since I'm not using that newest firmware.

    Has anyone had any success with this?

    I've searched around the internet a lot, as I'm sure I will keep doing now. They don't boot...if you google "Shoretel No Boot" all you'll get is DHCP stuff. If anyone could help me figure this out I would be forever indebted to you!


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      No Change in Status

      The problem still exists and we have moved to a completely new building with new wiring, etc. We pretty much stopped upgrading because of the number of lost phones as a result...We run Netgear and Foundry POE switches, nothing unusual or fancy.


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        Same issue lost over 50 phones and counting

        I work for a refurbishing company and we took on the Shoretel line last year. Since then we have seen a number of IP230 with this problem. Also the 212 lights up all orange and the 560 screens light up and messgae light blinks occasionally. I have had to tell customers that is is currently not fixable. It is almost the only problem we can't fix. However since we are also unable to get the displays, we have been using them for screen replacements ( takes some good soldering equipment ). All in all there have been more than 50. We have contacted Shoretel to see if they would give us some insight to this problem and to see if they were interested in having us be the factory repair facility. They were not interested in either situation, and said they do not repair phones anyways. I think if this were brought up more loudly by other dealers of installer or admins something might be done about it. I would like to hear from some more people if you have experienced any of the issues described above.


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          What was your upgrade path? What was your start version and what was your target version?

          Are you interested in selling the handsets? I have a bunch of IP210 phones with defective handsets. Need replacement handsets only.