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  • Failed wav file upload

    I have searched through several posts, but only one came close to giving me my answer. When I create the text file with my mac address and insert my path to my custom ring file, it always says "Failed ringfile.wav" (after resetting my phone). It shows all the txt files correctly as it boots. I have the following in my shore_macadd.txt file.

    WaveRinger1 L/rg
    WaveRinger2 L/r1

    I had a folder called ringers in ftproot, but decided to move the file up one directory since it would always fail. I saw one person had the same problem, but they only stated they changed the permissions and it worked. I got desperate and gave the group "everyone" full access to that file, but it didn't help. Embarassed to say I have spent a couple hours on this thing, it is driving me crazy. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Why do you have "/Inetpub/ftproot/" in there? When you configure IIS, the ftp server normally looks for files in C:\Inetpub\ftproot--this folder becomes the ROOT of the FTP folder structure. Thus, you should just have


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      Also, when the phone boots up does it download the files? You should be able to see it find the txt file you created using the MAC address of the phone, then it should pull the files you specified. If its not grabbing the txt file then you dont have it named correctly or its not in the correct location. It should be named shore_macaddress.txt and placed in \\intepub\ftproot .

      As sisaacso1 pointed out, from looking at the contents of your txt file the system will be looking for you wav files in \\server_ip\inetpub\ftproot\Inetpub\ftproot\csf15_ 2a.wav .

      The first thing to check is if your phones can see the txt file, if so then see if they download the wave , if so you probably have a wav file that doesnt fit within the allowed parameters.