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  • Users no longer able to use Outlook Voice Mail Integration

    In the last few weeks, we moved our Email system from an Exchange 2003 server to an Exchange 2007 server. Ever since this happened, a number of users who used Outlook Voice Mail Integration no longer seem to have voice mails showing up in their Inbox. :confused1:

    Despite the fact that uninstalling and reinstalling VMI from the actual ShoreTel client didn't seem to fix anything, occasionally a full uninstall and reinstall of the software fixed the issue. :detective:

    I wonder if anyone else had run into this issue, and what sorts of solutions you may have found?

    One solution (offered on another thread) was the following:
    1. Uninstall PCM
    2. Make sure all shoretel and shoreline registry entries are deleted from HKLM and HKCU
    3. Create a new outlook profile
    4. Reboot and reinstall PCM

    I'd love to find a solution that bypasses this series of steps - anyone that might be able to offer a streamlined version of the above would be appreciated.

    Thanks for anyone who can help! :santa:

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    Hmmm, what kind of events are being logged, if any? Are you allowing relaying to your exchange server?


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      I don't think we're doing anything above and beyond standard logging on both of our servers. We don't have any smart hosts defined, however there are only a handful of users where Outlook integration doesn't work, and it seems that several users are working, so relaying doesn't look to be an issue...