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  • Dell POE Switches

    Has anyone configured Dell POE switches for use with Shoretel?



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    Which ones? Actually, Dell has a great feature that compensates for the dual boot, ShoreTel lack of LLDP. You can tell the Dell switch the OUI of the ShoreTel equipment, putting them all in the correct VLAN on startup. This saves your native VLAN DHCP Scope a ton of addresses; brings your network online faster and basically makes life a lot less stressful on new installs. Not as good as CISCO CDP or as good as LLDP will be when ShoreTel releases it in the future, but a real surprise coming from such a low end POE switch.


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      Run a search on the forum... There has been quite a bit of discussion around switching infrastructure (including Dell) and the experiences of various customers/VARs.

      For us (and you'll see this during the course of your search), we have had bad experiences with Dells in multiple customer environments (to the point where they replaced it). Some other people around here have had good success.

      A lot of it hinges on the environment you are designing for and how complex the configuration and traffic type are. It seems that as the environment becomes more complex, enterprise grade switches show the value derived from a slightly larger investment.

      Ultimately, for practically all of the organizations (and this holds true across IP Tel or other mission critical applications) we deal with, voice (like many other applications) is mission critical and they invest in a foundation that is designed for mission critical realiability and functionality.

      That being said, we pretty much exclusively implement Juniper, Foundry or HP (for people who are a bit more cost sensitive) in the LAN (Juniper in the WAN and Security) depending on the design and requirements.

      We've see success with Extreme and problems with Enterasys. Cisco is, well, Cisco. It defintely works but most companies have been very open to exploring Cisco alternatives.


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        Originally posted by drvoip View Post
        Which ones?
        6224P and 6248P


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          3424P, 3448P and 6024 for us. We stopped recommending/selling them thereafter.


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            Were fitted out using Dell 3424 POE's....right now, all seem to be working, but if I disconnect a working phone and try plugging it back in again, there's no power and no light indications on the port(s) as I have tried doing this with my phone (just to see what happens) and so far the only way to get a phone working again is to use a separate power brick.

            Right now I can't even ping any of the Dells, but they appear to be functioning - only if I disconnect a phone it will not reconnect again.

            I am hoping that if I conduct a reboot of the stack on one end of the bldg, that will reset everything and it'll all normal up.

            Any ideas or feedback on this, please get back to me. Originally we were going to conduct a building-wide restart, but on second thought have decided to just to one section of the building.

            Going to pull this off here in the next fifteen minutes to see what happens. Worse case scenario, I have a few power bricks....just in case, and will distribute those if the switches don't reset properly.


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              Cant ping them...they sound unmanaged!! Hopefully, you aren't an old customer of mine!

              Well, at my last company, we mainly sold Dell POE switches, and I seem to remember this being a problem...and I think there was a firmware upgrade that fixed this...

              Is there any kind of port security on them, or spanning tree?


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                Bobby, originally we had spanning tree disabled and yes, they are fully managed. We took a series of quite a few power interruptions but since disabling spanning tree we haven't had any problems POE-wise. What has happened though is something caused not only this, but they've been defaulted...spanning tree was back on. Right now we're putting a laptop on the phone end to see if we can't reset the switches from the GUI again. I mean, they're working/talking to the Shoretel switches & all, but we have no idea how they managed to get in the condition they're in now. We successfully restarted them and the phones that weren't working now are, complete w/POE, they just have to be re-configured.

                Bobby....Germany? We had a Bobby troubleshoot our system here a while back when he worked with the vendor we still use but he in fact transferred to Germany, so this might be you, the same guy we worked with....if you remember working with a guy who had probs with his Shoretel intercom setup, then hey, we know each other

                Forgot to add - they've all been reset back to factory default, including the IP range....but they're still "working" to the point where all calls are working fine,,,no bad indications up front but we're now wondering what the heck happened here except maybe our power glitches did something. I see all ports are back to having spanning tree enabled again, which sucks. might decide to pull off the reconfig over the weekend.
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                  OK, yeah, I did the install with you guys, so I know they're managed!

                  Hmm...yeah thats a little weird that they just happened to change their config. Well, yeah, I would check for a firmware upgrade, you have to do via FTP, and I guess you might have to reconfigure them.

                  Like I said, your partner has the most experience with those switches, so you might want to ask your buddy in Roanoke if he has ever heard of this

                  And tell your 2 coworkers I said hello! Its a whole different world over here, Shoretel-wise...but the beer is good, and theres no speed limit on the highway!