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  • Help Desk setup

    Need some help on this one...

    We have a help desk that is setup as a workgroup. There are three agents in the workgroup. Each agent has a different work schedule and only one agent is logged in at any given time. Easy so far, but here is what has been requested: From time to time the scheduled agent must leave the phone in order to render personal assistance to a user with a problem. During the time the agent is away from the phone any call to the Help Desk is to be forwarded to the individual agent's cell phone. I must be overlooking something simple because I am having difficulty figuring out how to forward the Help Desk to the particular cell phone for the logged in agent. :helpsmilie: Each agent has his own cell phone so there are three different cell phone numbers involved.

    Currently running ShoreTel release 7.0. Thanks in advance

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    Have them setup external assignment and invoke before leaving their desk.


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      Thanks... Works like a charm. :thumbup1: I knew it had to be simple.