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  • Error - Operation not supported by underlying service provider

    Two of my users have recently received this error message from Shoretel:

    "The operation is not supported by the underlying service provider"

    Has anyone else experienced this? What does the underlying service provider have to do with Shoretel?

    Once the error occurs a series of other events happen:
    1) Shoretel becomes non-responsive
    2) Another Shoretel error appears that says "The operation failed for unspecified reasons"
    3) Our internal software that is designed to make calls through Shoretel generates an External Exception

    These events can all be explained by the first error, but I thought I should mention them anyway. So far the only method that works to fix the problem has been this:
    1) "Exit All" from Shoretel menu
    2) Unplug headset (required - fix does not work without doing this)
    3) Restart Shoretel and softphone
    4) Plug in headset

    My initial thoughts are that the cause of the problem could be headset related. I have had problems in the past where a headset has been unplugged from the USB port and Shoretel has failed to recognize it when it was plugged back in. I have replaced one user's headset and am waiting on results. Since the error occurs very sporatically it may be a few days before I get results.

    Additional info:
    Headsets used are GN Netcom 2100USB
    Running V7.5 build 12.14.8701.0
    All workstations running XP Pro sp2 fully patched

    Update: New headset did not solve the problem.
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