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  • Outllok 2007 - Data file not closed properly

    Anyone experience Outlook issues with it not closing properly?

    The customer is complaining that since we installed Call Manager v8 this comes up all the time.

    We have turned off all other add-ins and it still seems to happen.

    Any ideas?


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    outlook hanging

    We had a ton of issues with outlook 2007 not closing properly. We found that disabling cached mode on all clients instantly and completely fixed the issues.

    I personally believe (with no evidence) that the shoretel client holds open the local ost/pst cache file after outlook is closed. This causes outlook to claim that it wasnt closed properly. It also starts a background file check of the pst. Depending on the size of the pst, this check can bring the workstation to a crawl for almost an hour.

    I was a die hard Cache Mode exchange guy for quite a while until my users started getting into the 1GB+ range in messaged.

    without cached mode on, mailboxes easily grow to rediculous sizes without problems (well more memory in the server will fix anything right?).