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  • Transfering calls

    Hi, I'm new to the ShoreTel system and one of the users have a request for call transferring. Right now, The VP of the department has a ShoreTel 560, and his office manager has an old Avaya 8410D on a Definity system. She wants to be able to transfer calls to him from her phone, so from an Avaya system to a ShoreTel system. It doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas or settings? I think we're just missing something little but not sure where to even look. Thanks in advance!:boat:

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    Assuming the two systems are connected via PRI you need to make sure trunk to trunk transfer is enabled on the Definity. You should find this on the Definity under System Parameters > Features.


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      ok, thanks, will try it and let you know if anymore problems arise
      Thanks a bunch!