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  • SNMP monitoring really this bad??

    Is ShoreTels SNMP monitoring really this bad?? Have yet to find any MIBs and it appears to only allow interface monitoring. What about Fan, Temperature, Voltages??? Ayone have the OID's for these or know if ShoreTel has any plans to implement production level SNMP monitoring for their devices?


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    Good luck! I gave up and instead just started doing the event filtering in the Shoreware Director. So far not too bad. There is a white paper out there titled "Event Filters Best Practice" ST-0129 March 28, 2006. It talks about the important events to filter on and then send you emails on those. I know event code 166 is a fan failure, so you could set that up as an alert.

    My biggest beef is there is no way to temporarily disable these events. It's a pain in the rear during an upgrade. My last upgrade sent me 268 emails as the switches were being bounced.


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      Thanks for the info. You know if the server needs to be rebooted for this to take effect? Would assume the GUI would inform of that, but not getting emails after setting up a filter for some reason?


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        ShoreTel uses the SMTP service in Windows Server 2003.
        Most likely what is happening is that the notifications are ending up in the "badmail" directory, due to it's inability to forward mail.

        Look at the properties for the service and see what you have set as your smart host. This should be set as your company mail server. You will also need to setup your company mail server to allow relay from the ShoreTel server.


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          No server reboot required for the Shoretel side of it. W2k3 may require reboot for SMTP if it is not setup correctly.

          One way to tell is to turn a filter on to email for EVERYTHING in the system. Something is sure to pop up in which an email should be sent out. If your not getting emails, I would suspect along with the previous poster that there is something not correct with the SMTP. In our environment, we didn't have to do anything but turn the SMTP service on and we were on our way. This being said, we have our internal DNS server also serving up MX records for our domain, which I'm sure the Shoretel server does to know where to deliver the mail to.


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            MIB on ShoreGear switches is basic MIBII so you will only see statistics related to the LAN interface.

            I look out for these events and forward them via the Event Filter feature in Director:
            These ones indicate bad things have happened
            164 "Ethernet Link Lost" (assuming you have used both interfaces)
            166 "Fan Failure"
            167 "Slow Fan"
            170 "Over Temperature"
            171 "Very Over Temperature"
            1342 "ISDN D Channel Down"
            (This one seems good for E1 and T1 ISDN but there doesnt seem to be any events for BRI ISDN)
            188 "Temperature below normal"
            189 "Temperature too low"

            These events indicate good things
            163 "Ethernet link Established"
            168 "Fan Normal"
            169 "Temperature Normal"
            1343 "ISDN D Channel Up"

            An other thing that can be useful if you are able to corrollate them with other network activity over a period of time:

            119 "Excessive Packet Loss"

            I am looking for some kind of application that I can email these events to which can interpret the content and make icons change colour. For example, I would like it to turn red if there is an "ISDN D Channel Down" message, and then turn green again if there is a subsiquent "ISDN D Channel Up" message.
            The application would need to be able to determine which ISDN was having the trouble based on the switch name or IP address that is embedded within the body of the email.
            If anybody has any suggestions they would be most welcome.
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              ST Dave is correct, ShoreTel has no MIB's to aquire, they simply comply with MIB II

              If you wish to query what ST will respond to that is simple enough and that is all you will get


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                BUMP - an old thread with good informaiton

                Here are some other events that can be trapped and are useful:

                Category – Switch
                Type – Error
                Event ID – 116
                Switch <ShoreTel Source Switch Name>: Lost connection to switch <ShoreTel Destination Switch Name>.

                Category – Switch
                Type – Information
                Event ID – 117
                Switch <ShoreTel Source Switch Name>: Established connection to switch <ShoreTel Destination Switch Name>.

                Category – Switch
                Type – Warning
                Event ID – 119
                Switch <ShoreTel Source Switch Name>: Excessive number of packets lost from <ShoreTel Monitoring Engine> <ip address> <dropped packets> out of <total packets>.

                Category – TMS
                Type – Warning
                Event ID – 233
                TMS has disconnected from switch <ShoreTel Source Switch Name> <ip address>. This may be as a result of a network outage, administrative action, or unexpected switch behavior.

                Category – Switch
                Type – Information
                Event ID – 163
                Switch <ShoreTel Source Switch Name>: Autonegotiation done: using port 1: <port speed/duplex setting>

                Category – Switch
                Type – Error
                Event ID – 164
                Switch <ShoreTel Switch Name>: Ethernet link lost

                Category – TMS
                Type – Information
                Event ID – 234
                TMS has connected to switch <ShoreTel Switch Name>

                Category – TMS
                Type – Information
                Event ID – 247
                The log file "<log file location/name> current size is <current size> bytes. It has reached it's maximum size limit <max size> bytes. Further logging will be directed to an alternate file.

                Category – TMS
                Type – Information
                Event ID – 248
                Failed to write to the log file <log file location/name> (Error Code = 5). Further logging to this file will be suspended until midnight or service restart. The ShoreWare log files collect diagnostics and are not required for correct system behavior.

                Category – TMS
                Type – Information
                Event ID – 251
                Usr TAPI connection did not respond to a new call event in a timely fashion (Call ID: <call id>, Login: <username>, From: <reporting switch IP>). This may indicate a TAPI connectivity outage between the ShoreWare Server and the Telephony Server on the machine specified.

                Category – Voice Mail Server
                Type – Warning
                Event ID – 1120
                Mailbox <mailbox number> is full. No more messages will be taken.

                Category – Switch
                Type – Warning
                Event ID – 1319
                <ShoreTel Switch Name>: Emergency Services Call to 911 on port <station set ip address> from user <username> at <extension number>
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