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  • Anyway to fill in "Company" and "Department" in the system directory

    I have users ask all the time why the System Directory does list the company and departments of the users. This would be a HUGE help in allowing users to find individuals in different departments. Anyone know of a way to add this information in? I'm running 8.0 (soon to be 8.1) CR and I don't see any fields in the Shoreware Director for these. I'm hoping I'm just missing a screen or something.

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    I know that call manager does pull in those fields from the Outlook contact, but I'm not sure that you can search on them. System Directory doesn't have those fields. I'm on 8.1.


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      Wow, this is odd. A user SOMEHOW filled in the Company and Department of THEIR entry, and it is now stored on the server. So, this CAN be filled out SOMEHOW. I called the user though, and they can't remember exactly how they did it. They did say that the "Data Source" didn't say "System Directory" when they did it, but it does now.


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        I have noticed that PCM besides your personal contacts folder, PCM will also dig around in Public Folders on Exchange.
        You don't seem to need to go to any trouble to make this happen, if just does it by default.
        Perhaps this is where it is finding Company Name and Department details?