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  • Associate "callto" Links with ShoreTel Software

    My company uses the Zimbra Collaboration Suite for email, calendaring, contacts, etc., as opposed to Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. When the web-based client is displaying an email message, contact info, calendar event, etc. and it comes across a number that it thinks is a phone number it will turn the number into a "callto" link. This is specifically for integration with VOIP systems. I'm wondering if there is a ShoreTel application that we can associate these links to so that when we click on the link it will automatically dial the number. We aren't currently using the ShoreTel softphone software. I'm more thinking of something like the ShoreTel History Viewer, where you can click on one of the calls and it will dial that number on the ShoreTel hard phone. If there is something in the softphone software that would do this I'd also be interested in hearing about it to see if it is something we should explore.

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    I would think you are looking for the Shoretel webdialer application but I could be wrong.


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      Thanks for the suggestion. Is this another application that needs to be installed separately or should it be part of the Call Manager package? If it is part of the Call Manager package, do you know what the actual application file is called?


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        Its a seperate app that has to be purchased from Shoretel. They do have a free 30 day trial though.

        ShoreTel - ShoreTel Web Dialer


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          Use the free web dialer:

          Dialing Shoretel from a Web Page | Timberline Employee Blog

          via posting:


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            I created a free webdialer that works with Firefox and IE. PM me your email address and I'll send it to you.


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              PM Sent. Thanks!