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  • Proper way to link inbound PRI/DID to a dial-in server?


    I'm wondering what the proper way is to link inbound calls coming in our our PRI line via a DID number to route through a T1 switch that is connected to a 24 port RAS Dial-In server? We use this for disaster recovery purposes, and I need to be able to have multiple in-bound calls be routed out the T1 switch connected to the dial-in server.

    I currently have a DNIS entry setup to take any inbound call on the necessary number and route it to an off-system extension. This "seems" to work in theory when I make multiple external calls into the system via a normal phone as it just keeps working it's way up the ports on the T1 as expected. What I'm worried about however is that there is no flag using this method that tells the Shoretel system that this is a fax/modem call, and as such, I'm guessing it is not using the FAX Codec. I tried a scenario earlier where I created an extension, and then set the extension to be a "Fax Machine" and then set this extension to have an external assignment that pointed to the off-system extension. This works, however, it doesn't seem to send multiple calls. Once it is connected once, any further incoming calls just ring forever.

    Any ideas or direction?

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