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  • Play sound file to microphone

    I am trying to figure out how (and if it is even possible) to play a sound file directly to the microphone on the headset/handset. I don't want to play it through the speakers and then hold the microphone up to the speakers.

    An example of this would be if was doing telemarketing. When I call someone and it goes to their voice mail, I have a predefined message that I say everytime. Instead, I would like to record myself speaking the "canned" message once and save it to a sound file. Then when I hit a call that takes me to someone's voice mail, I just play the file I recorded earlier directly to their voice mail (without it going to the speakers).

    Our current setup is:
    ShoreTel 7.5
    Build 12.14.8701.0

    Thanks for any help,

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    The solution that pops into my mind would be to record an AutoAttendant with your canned script. When you get a user's VM, just transfer the call to that AA which will speak your message and hangup.

    I would definitely try a few test calls with this, but I think it might work well for your problem.