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  • voicemail escalation not repeating

    I recently had a ShoreTel 8.1 system installed. I have a mailbox only extension set up with several different escalation steps. (We use this for our after hours support) Since the support can be critical we need to have it repeat as many times as possible to ensure someone will get the message so I have the Repeat Count set to 200. We would like to have it send an email to different people waiting 15 mins after each email. It works great but it will NOT REPEAT AT ALL!!!

    In doing some more testing I found that If I add a phone notification along with the email on each step, it WILL repeat.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug in the software or if it is by design.
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    Are you emailing a wav file or just a notification that there is a voicemail?


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      Just the notification email.