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  • Time from PDC

    Hello this is my first post and I hope you guys can help

    I have 2 locations working from one Shoretel site, the both have domain controllers but different time zones. I would like the site in the UK to take its time from the PDC and the site in the US to take its time from the local DC.

    I have option 04 in DHCP set to the local DC for each site, but the US site is till getting the UK time on its phone.

    Hope someone can help


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    I may be misreading but.......

    The "time" that is received by the phones should just be a UTC time. It shouldnt matter where it gets the utc time "from".

    The shoretel "site" in director will apply the time zone offset to "change" it to local time.

    Is the time actually incorrect on the phones, or are you just wanting to make sure that UTC is pulled locally instead of over the wan?


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      I dont have more than one site. but i have 2 timezones. the time is wrong on the NY side.


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        You have phones in NY and the UK and you only have one "site" in director?

        The time zone is set per site. Your UK location should be one site, and NY should be another.

        both pull UTC time and apply the time zone offset.

        Without a separate site, I think you are hosed.

        Are you sure that you dont have separate sites? I think that both locations (especially THAT far apart mileage wise) is a really bad idea. Your partner should not have done that to you during the initial install.

        We have separate sites defined for locations that are 10 miles apart.


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          I only have SBE at the moment, when i get the upgrade i will have more than one site. If i cant change the time can I turn it off?


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            My US partner have been good but my HQ in the uk setup isn's quite right. Different partners


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              On the NY phones manually ad a server from HERE THis should take care of it.

              You could try to use DHCP but I have not done it that way.



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                Adding the server manually will still provide them with the exact same UTC time. The time zone offset will never get applied because they have only one shoretel site (i think anyway).